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Aerial Futures/ Plane Site Video and Interview with UltraBarrio Partner Amna Ansari


Aerial Futures: The Next Frontier

The Next Frontier Think Tank- Houston Spaceport

‘Aerial Futures’ is a non-profit exploring innovation in the architecture of flight, technology and the broader urban mobility ecosystem’ - aerialfutures.org


‘The Next Frontier’ was a two part event. The first evening a panel examining ‘cosmic connectivity’ with guests from NASA, FAA, and the Houston Airport System. UltraBarrio’s Co-Founder Marcus Martinez, was moderating as the Chair of the Houston AIA Urban Design Committee.

The second day - The Think Tank event expanded with a select number of leaders in the fields of robotics, astronomy, physics, and prototyping. Together we examined the many aspects of Houston’s future Spaceport. Both UB co-founders Amna Ansari and Marcus Martinez co-led one of the three panels called ‘Space for Culture’.

The full day investigation was focused around the emergence of commercial human space flight and the potential opportunities that spaceports may provide in the context of Houston. While Houston has had a long standing reputation as Space City, could the spaceport become both disruptive and unifying?