Urban Design and Master Planning




ECOLOGY: The program for creative capital and the driver of economy, hovers over a proposed site that mixes ecology and landscape, with stormwater management and water filtration systems that integrate ground floor program of ‘public meeting rooms’ with site circulation.

VERTICAL: The proposal is in contrast to big horizontal program that occupies large expanses of valuable land in downtown Detroit. Taking the program vertically, gives an opportunity to give identity to Detroit’s waterfront via an iconic program that speaks of Detroit’s creative capital. Also, to promote city planning that reinforces denser mixed use strategies, with sustainable ideas of ecology for central Detroit.

PUBLIC CORE: The core is wrapped with a program of classrooms on all levels for various interest groups to teach and share with the community

PEOPLE MOVER                 

Pods of public program such as basketball courts, food vendors and skate park are suspended from the existing elevated rail structure.  This new network of interventions along the infrastructure air space could become new evolvable sources of community engagement and revenue.