Urban Design and Master Planning


Our work re-orients the complex urban landscape into clear, projective and durable ways to think about how architecture makes cities. We are compelled by dialogue, seek out pressures and blend disciplinary boundaries…its why we are called Alloy.  


Associates UltraBarrio

Established out of MIT with a focus on Architecture and Urbanism — We are a design consultancy. We create fresh ways to unpack the context around an idea. We consider assemblies as durable place-making vehicles. We are hyper visual people compelled by clarity- and that is to bring you into our process. Our services address a range of complexity from the practical to the visionary—operating at many scales of conceptual design that include urban strategies, parks, open spaces and master planning.

We believe ‘how’ the context of an idea is framed maximizes possibilities and strategies. Our experience has made us unusually good at identifying clear, plural, and durable ways to amplify context and connectivity- it's why we are called UltraBarrio.  

For generations, the ‘Barrios’ were built upon cultural and social interaction within an urban space. In Latin American countries they sustain a profound heritage through built character that relate to their social centers. Functionally, they connected the urban plazas to the hinterland. For us, this speaks to our own diversity, the need for spaces to produce cultural value,  and our impulse to use history, context and natural systems as a conceptual slingshot in our own work.


Public and Stakeholder Engagement

City and Regional Framework Plans

City and Regional Comprehensive Plans

Corridor Planning and Design

Branding and Identity

Public and Stakeholder Engagement


Urban Design

Master Planning

Design Guidelines  and Graphic Character Standards

Park Planning

Environmental Graphics

Community Outreach and Planning

Practice and Markets


Our experience has provided a foundation to UltraBarrio in methods of practice and a blend of market sectors, project types and client needs.  

EMBT(Barcelona) Elkus Manfredi (Boston) Powers Brown (Houston) Page (Houston) TROJB (Boston) Paul Lukez (Boston) Morris (Houston) Dblant International (Shanghai) HouMinn (Vancouver/Minnesota)